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The Internal Cleaning Process

Solving a Problem (Preventative Maintenance)

Heat is the biggest cause of component failure. Computer fans (inside or attached to the computer case) draw cooler air into the case from the outside, expel warm air from the inside, or move air across heatsinks to cool components. Problems arise when dust and dirt are also drawn in. Fans can get clogged and fail to work properly and components get covered with a blanket of dust, hair and dirt. Systems may fail. A program of proper maintenance can help in avoiding a number of problems.

Cleaning the Computer Case and Its’ Components

First, the computer is logged-off properly before shutting down.
Next, the access panel is removed from the computer case.
Using compressed air and a vacuum cleaner, dust bunnies and other debris are removed from fans, fan housings and air intake and exhaust vents.

Also cleaned are the motherboard, graphics/video card, RAM, CPU heatsink and fan, hard drive, power supply, cables and wires, sides and bottom of case.

When everything is thoroughly cleaned, the inside of the access panel is wiped down and replaced.


Care is taken not to touch anything inside the case during the cleaning process. Caution is also exercised because excessive air pressure can damage fan blades, fan bearings or other sensitive components.

Scheduled cleaning of computer interiors will depend on the environment in which
they are used.

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