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The External Cleaning Process

General Procedures

In advance of the cleaning date, it is important for management to advise their staff that PC Computer Cleaning Inc. will be cleaning all computers, phones and other equipment. This gives everyone advance notice so that they can set aside confidential papers, and plan for the 15-20 minutes they will be away from their workstation. At each workstation, one of our experienced cleaning technicians will approach you and ask if it is a convenient time to clean your computer and other equipment. You will be asked to save what you have been working on before powering down.

Cleaning a Keyboard

¬†First, we remove a few key caps. Next, using a detail pick and / or other tools, we dislodge any food particles, hairballs, staples, paperclips, etc. from between the rows of keys. Compressed air is then dispensed to remove everything from the keyboard. The larger pieces escape from where the key caps have been removed. These key caps are now replaced. We now spray our cleaning product onto a special brush and stroke the keyboard keys so as to remove dirt, hand lotion, and ink from the tops and sides of the keys. A micro-fibre cloth wipes off the product and dirt and is followed up by using another “Dry” brush to absorb any moisture or dirt remaining in hard to reach areas between keys, around raised lines or in grooved surfaces. The same attention to detail is displayed in cleaning the edges and bottom of the keyboard. As a final step, a hospital grade disinfectant is applied evenly over the surface of the keyboard and left to dry for a few minutes.

All other Equipment

The same cleaning process is used for cleaning phones, printers, laptops, copiers and all other peripherals. Special care is taken when cleaning control panels, buttons and switches. PC Computer Cleaning Inc. has cleaned millions of pieces of sensitive electronic equipment since 1994. We have the experience you can rely on.

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