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About PC

About PC

Office equipment has changed over the years.
So have your needs for office services.

Since 1994, leading companies in the fields of transportation, finance, energy, manufacturing, health care and others have relied on PC Computer Cleaning Inc. for their office equipment cleaning needs.

We work with our clients to provide healthier professional work environments, taking care to look after their individual needs.

PC Computer Cleaning Inc. developed a unique cleaning system to ensure a quick and effective means of cleaning sensitive electronic equipment.

Our cleaning technicians have a reputation for being highly professional, pleasant and very efficient in the way they perform their duties. Attention to detail is a priority.

All of our staff have enhanced security clearance to ensure that sensitive data and confidential information remains private.

We worked with local businesses to create cleaning products and specialty brushes that get the job done properly.

Time and effort was committed to formulate superior cleaning solutions that meet the high standards we require.

Custom designed brushes with special ‘Y’ shaped fibres work in conjunction with PC’s cleaning products to guarantee quality work in minimal time.

Our years of experience with a wide variety of businesses give us the expertise you, too, can rely on.

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